Dark Milds/Stouts
Pale and Mild malts , roast barley , flaked barley are the ingredients for these brews . Goldings and/or Fuggles are the hops used.

Stouts normally have higher ABV's - 4.2% to 4.8% or higher , and tend to have more residual non-fermentable sugars , making the beers somewhat sweeter .

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Pit Prop

Traditional Dark Mild

࠰er firkin

⮰0 per 12 bottles
箰0 for 6 bottles
Pit Shaft

Dark Mild

砰er firkin

⮰0 per 12 bottles
箰0 for 6 bottles
Honeyed Stout
ABV 4.5%

Black Stout with Honey from local bees

砰er firkin

⮰0 per 12 bottles
箰0 for 6 bottles
Black Bowler
ABV 6.7%

Strong Black Ale

堰er firkin

䮰0 per 12 bottles
记0 for 6 bottles