Beer Categories as follows - normally Goldings and /or Fuggles Hops unless stated differently

1. Beers made from Pale Malts , Crystal Malts and Chocolate Malts , generating different depths of ruby coloured beers

Some examples
Pitside : the delicate taste of malt beer
Black and Amber : a traditional pale ruby bitter , lightly hopped and full of flavour
Steeler's : the light red malty tasting brew
Rollers : A light ruby coloured , well hopped bitter
Furnace : the ruby coloured malty beer with a dry finish
Deep Pit : the ruby full-bodied beer with distinctive taste

2. Beers made from Pale Malts and Crystal Malts , generating different depths of golden/yellow coloured beers 

Some Examples
Arc : the light session beer with the dry hoppy taste
Casnewydd : the light easy drinking beer
Hilston Premier : the rustic coloured , medium dry autumnal beer
Drillers : a lightly hopped golden-yellow ale
Raiders : a lightly hopped strong yellow ale

Zen : a light yellow ale with a dry finish
Riggers : a strongly hopped golden beer with body
Refuge : a well hopped golden-yellow strong ale Fuggles hops
Docker's : the golden , fruity full-bodied beer with real taste

3. Beers made from mainly Pale and Lager Malts generating pale yellow beers

Some examples
Hackers : pale yellow lightly hopped bitter Fuggles hops
Cutters : pale yellow hopped ale Fuggles hops
Printers : pale yellow strong ale Fuggles hops
Rockers : pale yellow , refreshing strong ale Fuggles hops
Painters : pale yellow , full bodied strong ale Fuggles hops
QE2 : pale yellow , full bodied strong ale Fuggles hops

4. Traditional Mild/Stout beers made from Mild and Pale Malts , Roasted and Flaked barley generating dark black beers

Some examples
Pit Shaft : dark mild
Pit Prop : traditional dark mild

5. Stronger versions of the above , brewed normally for Xmas
Red Hot Furnace - series 1 above - ABV 9.0%
Furnace Fire - series 1 above - ABV 7.2%
Oil Fire - series 2 above - ABV 6.7% or 6.0%

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